Enemy Soil



Agoraphobic Nosebleed Richard sings in this band

Drugs of Faith Richard is in this band

City of Caterpillar Jeff went on to be in this band

Corrupted Did a split 7" with Enemy Soil

Deceased King from Deceased played drums on the split with Corrupted

Desperate Corrpution We did a split with these guys. I called the frontman on the phone back then to talk about the split, and the first thing he said was, "You speak English very fast."

Outlaw Recordings Omid formed this label and put out a ton of stuff

pg.99 These guys were great friends of Enemy Soil. Their original bassist, T.L., spent time with us on vocals, and we did a split with them

Pig Destroyer JR and Brian went on to play with these guys

Reeking Cross Mason is in this band, among others

Reversal of Man We did a split with these guys

Vastum Adam plays in this band

Wadge Enemy Soil's first split 7" was with Wadge, and we did a Wadge cover later on


Bones Brigade Released the discography in three pressings

Bovine Records released the splits with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Desperate Corruption

Dropout Records from Poland reissued the Fractured Theology 3" CD on 12"

Clean Plate Records label of two Enemy Soil releases

Fistheldhigh Records released the split with Reversal of Man

Profane Existence PE Far East released the Enemy Soil 3" CD

Relapse Records This label released the Casualties of Progress 7", later reissued on CD, and put us on two compilations

Selfmadegod Put out the live DVD

Slap A Ham Released the War Parade 7"

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